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Advancement and Recognition

2018 District Award Nominations

Please recognize your fellow scouters for all of their hard work volunteering in this great program for the youth. There is a PDF file attached and noninations are due no later than the January Roundtable to the district advancement chair. All of our volunteers are much appreciated! Thank you for all you do for scouting!

Texas Skies Eagle's Nest

Texas Skies Eagle Scouts


TROOP 390 Geoffrey F
TROOP 381 Colton B
TROOP 339 William M
TROOP 391 Dusty K
TROOP 390 Kenneth W
TROOP 339 Colt S
TROOP 339 Nathan K
TROOP 375 Brian M
TROOP 375 Thomas M
TROOP 375 Benjamin B
TROOP 381 Austin R
TROOP 390 Sean B
TROOP 390 Mason S
TROOP 390 Rodney C
TROOP 376 Kevin H
TROOP 339 Justin S
TROOP 339 Cannen W
TROOP 339 Peyton E
TROOP 339 Grayson E
TROOP 378 Landon P

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